Helping You Plan for Your Children’s Education

College tuition fees are likely to be even higher in the future due to inflation and other factors. If you wish to finance your child’s college education, it is wise for you to start early. Plan for college expenses the same way you would plan for your retirement or a home. At Worthy Financial Services in Westminster, MD, we want to help you ensure that your child has the financial support he or she needs. We provide guidance on saving and investing wisely so you can pay for all or some of your child’s college expenses.

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Our Education Planning Strategy: A College Savings Plan

You may be concerned about how much you should save, how much a college education would cost when your child turns 18, or whether your financial plan would be affected if your child decided to take a gap year. We are aware of common concerns that parents have when planning for their child’s education. For your peace of mind, our team will account for situations like these when setting up a college savings plan. We will also leverage our knowledge and years of experience so you can achieve your goal of paying your child’s way through college.

An education plan can be your child’s ticket to a college degree. For more information, get in touch with our team.

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